суббота, 17 мая 2014 г.

Ukrainian Beauty Card

recently i have got an order from my american friends. they wanted to send some ukrainian cards (while in Ukaine) to their relatives and friends 

i was happy to start working with my new crafting instruments and materials. moreover i was trying to create the cards showing true Ukrainian nature and force

i also was trying to stress on our natural humanity and culture originality, involving flag colours like the ones which emphasize love to freedom and independence 

it seems my friends like the cards and signed them with pleasure. i also hope for those people who once get them understand the main idea and goal of the very ukrainian cards

it is such a pleasure to make somehting new and please not only myself but also other people, who give my crafting as a small happy and get the card as the biggest "i care" note
                        Caring Richi

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