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Some people do not like cards as they do not really know what to write in them and they do not really think card can be a very nice addition to some present as expresses not only desire to buy but desire to think about person and tell not only the ordinary words.

But there are a lot of people who want to give a card, who want to write something but guess they are not really good in writing or are modest of showing their lines or find lines to be too usual ones and not really sincere.

I have wonderful news for you; I am here to help you.
# 1 Service
I can:
  • write greetings to the person you want to (in this case you should provide me with the information about the person and occasion you want to greet with and also show me the card you want to give, sometimes of course it can be e-mail or handwriting letter)
  • you can write your own lines and I can correct them or somehow help you to make your greeting better (in this case you send me e-mail or leave the comment here with the greeting and also)
  • hint (also if you need some kind of hint and want to do everything yourself then I will try find a nice idea for your greeting)
  • tell you my opinion towards the greeting you have already created

So for using any above variant you provide me
  • with the information about the person
  • occasion you want to greet with
  • maybe you have some requirements for greeting
  • send me the card you want to give or choose the very on the blog
  • let me know about another greeting variant: verbal/ e-mail / handwriting letter etc.

# 2 Service 
If you have some special person, like a man or a woman you are in love with and you want to write something to her/him greeting or verses in English/Russian/Ukrainian/German or you want to create series of greetings we can discuss it separately and see what you really need and what for.
Contact me by
  • writing to migalrichi@gmail.com mark ‘writing service’
  • leaving a comment with your contacts and tell me what you need

I am sure we can do something really worthy with you! 
Privacy is guaranteed. Be sure your private information will not be used without your permission or request. 

                                                                                                                            Writing Richi
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