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Nowadays about everyone has his camera, it is a very popular and cool  hobby, someone has better camera, others – a little bit worse, but all people are interested in making pictures and want to look at them in the best way, ye?

When do we usually make pictures? On our vacations and holidays and parties! After any leisure we come back home tired and happy with what we have just had… and also think we can be busy with the hundreds of pictures from this night later (why should I do it today? There is no hurry. I can do it later). The biggest think we can do is to download pictures from our cameras to some driver and choose just several best ones and FB, VK or Twitter them …

But in several weeks or months comes another party/holiday/birthday and we take camera and make again a lot of pictures…with the new pictures happens the same thing….and you feel you cannot just delete all of them but also you know that there are a lot of pictures on your driver you need to delete and choose the good ones….feel guilty that you still have not found time for all that. And then comes summer time!.... now you are sure all the pictures made before will be left in the drivers for at least several years more….sad, is not it?

I can help you and with this trifle in your life, I can sort and processed in Photoshop gigabytes of photos from summer/winter holidays, vacations, weddings, parties.... just choose the best way for you

  • download the pictures and share them with me or send me a link
  • create an account on + download the pictures there and send me the login and password
  • choose another best variant for you and open the access to the files
Contact me by
  • writing to mark ‘photo service’
  • leaving a comment with your contacts and tell me what you need

Privacy is guaranteed. Your pictures will not be used anywhere without your permission or your personal request. 

                                                                                                                                 Photo Richi

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