понедельник, 4 ноября 2013 г.

Why i am here

since the very childhood i do like the greeting cards. my friends and i were in card-correspondence for a long of time, so i spent hours choosing the right cards and looking for the exact words to be written in them. 
there, in my teenager years, the card could be bought only for the exact person and cannot be given as a present to someone else...never....
by means of the card we expressed our attitude towards each other, our emotions and our love...and that is why maybe each card was so special when you gave it or got it.
when saying we were looking and thinking over some special words to write down in the card, it means that we never used ordinary and usual lines which could be found ready for the cards, and if i got usual lines that meant it was not from a special person in my life...special people in my life never did it
we never waited for a holiday to give a card, card was something we gave because we cared, because we wanted to share 
                       our thoughts 
                                    and feelings 
                                               and wishes 
                                                        and hopes for the life
and our cards were so sincere, so deeply naive and so pure, that if read them today they seem to be so funny to me

a lot of things changed for now and to be true we do not have our private card-life anymore...we do not share as often as we did once...some of the true friends were lost in those far years...and now we always wait for the holidays to give something special, something that comes out of our hearts and touches the soul and makes feel really warm (though and not each holiday today can bring special card)

but even now i know that those years were not just naive and silly...those lines were written by the people full of inspire...and we had our time for thinking about ourselves and about the world and those who are around us.
we spent time really caring and gave to each other even more in comparison with that we could buy...and got much more in comparison with that we get for our birthdays today, hiding our souls from each other in the expensive brightly wrapped boxes with everything but not something valuable

i believe that any present can be special only if given by special person and with really special lines which can be found, let it be even in a small, but really sincere card

i create cards for those who care
               for those who want not only to buy things but give something more and express it in the handwriting lines

 Warmly... Richi

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