понедельник, 4 ноября 2013 г.

creating mood...

when creating some card, one cannot think about 
  • saving time
  • there must be no hurry in the crafting process
  • nothing should make one feel uncomfortable 
  • and of course no thoughts like 'when it will be done!' 
if you have something like that then you should wait till the creating desire will come up and give you a crafting hug again...otherwise you only loose your time and waste your wonderful materials and hardly can create something worthy

crafting can help you though to calm down and forget about some troubles which came into life....but only if you will be focused on your cards ... and make all the rest thoughts to leave you for couple of hours

can you do that? if so, sounds GREAT as it means you save money on the psychotherapist visits))

Advising Richi

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