суббота, 30 ноября 2013 г.

so many cards!! what to do with them?

i know when too many meaningless people give too many meaningless cards, you never know what to do with them, and the only thing you can do is to through them away from your life, from your mind!.. for not remembering, for not coming across and feeling that irritation as you know that is said inside means nothing and has no value, no value for you and for the person who gave it

have you ever thought why we are so careful with the kids' crafting? kids do everything from all their hearts or does not do at all....that is the main thing...we know how they tried their best to draw a picture or make a card for you....and it means something! as in this case one comes across of a little miracle and noone can stay indifferent

so if you have a lot of cards from really meaningful people then you know you cannot through them away but you collect the words, the memories, the warm feelings you got with the card...and in several years coming across of such a treasure you /for sure/ feel about the same...happiness...sweet memories...occasion when it happened...and understand again and again the value of a person who is with you, let it be
                                a friend, who you met in the far childhood/or in your crazy student years/or just several years ago walking in the park but you became so close and got the mutual understanding
                               your mom, who as you always thought, never understood you but when found the very lines in the card, you see she was the person who understood you always better than others
                               loving man who sometimes makes a lot of mistakes but has so many tender in his heart and wants to be better for you with each day
                               loving woman who is so emotional but has anything more than you in her life and wants to make you happy
                               neighbouring kid who you gave a candy once, made a special  Christmas card for you and gave it with a smile on his face
                                granny...dad...grandpa ......

it would be naive to wait from a man to create some kind of card box and save little treasures there, that is how woman can act and at least several men, but even strong men has their memories and there are moments in our lives when we need to feel we are not lonely in this huge and strange world

but cards maybe used as bookmarks (though most people now read e-books)
                      saved in the photoalbums (though now we have most pictures in digital media)
                      kept in special places (box or shelf or in your own cabinet)

Will you help me and make that list longer?
                                                                                      Richi, hoping for your help

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